February 19 – Tax and Accounting Reconciliation

COURSE OUTLINE 1. Overview of Philippine Income Taxa. Income taxb. Business taxc. Withholding tax 2. Overview of Financial Accountinga. PFRSb. PFRS for SME 3. Differences between Accounting and Taxationa. Borrowing costsb. Foreign exchange gains and lossesc. Investment propertiesd. Depreciation and amortizatione. Impairment lossesf. Unrealized gains and lossesg. Retirement benefit expenseh. Revenue from sale of real … Read moreFebruary 19 – Tax and Accounting Reconciliation

January 29 – Effective Purchasing Management

OBJECTIVES OF THE SEMINAR at the end of the seminar, participants would be able to:1. Understand the essentials of efficient purchasing management.2. Understand principles and practice of effective procurement management3. Build the skills towards better Purchasing.4. Develop the right focus interms of handling the challenging tasks across the lines of the internal departments. METHODOLOGY To … Read moreJanuary 29 – Effective Purchasing Management