January 31 – Management and Supervisory Leadership Development

COURSE OUTLINE Defining Management Transition Into Management Three-Step Logic for Managers and Supervisors Understanding People Becoming a People Expert 5.1. Changing Viewpoints 5.2. Expanding Comfort Zone 5.3. Self-Development 5.4. Developing Mindset Management Functions 6.1. Planning 6.2. Leading 6.3. Organizing 6.4. Controlling Delegation Coaching Managerial Grid Situational Leadership Interactive Management Leadership and Power Knowing Your People … Read moreJanuary 31 – Management and Supervisory Leadership Development

Dec 12 – Year-End Tax Planning

BACKGROUND OF THE TRAINING Certified Public Accountants (“CPA”), including accountants and bookkeepers, should know the importance of existing BIR revenue issuances in preparing the company’s tax returns. Any mistake committed in preparing tax returns may entail additional cost such as surcharge, interest and compromise penalties. Thus, a taxation module has been developed to address the … Read moreDec 12 – Year-End Tax Planning


• FUNDAMENTALS OF DOCUMENTATION l. Basic Requirements of Legal Documents 2. Elements of Valid Forms, Documents and Notices • Forms • Documents • Notices • Memos • Other Documents 3. Common Pitfalls in Documentation 4. Usual Mistakes in Preparing Forms, Documents, Notices, Memos, etc. 5. The Best Evidence Rule 6. The Parol Evidence Rule 7. … Read moreDec 06 – HR & LR FORMS NOTICES and CONTRACTS

Dec 05 – Strategic Recruitment and Selection

COURSE OUTLINE Module 1: Strategic Recruitment & Selection Framework • Alignment • Strategy Formulation Module 2: Recruitment, Selection & Placement Procedure Module 3: Job Analysis and Formulation of Job Description • Methods of Job Analysis • Critical Dimensions of Job Description • Defining the Specifications Module 4: Sourcing Talents • Internal Sources: Advantages and Disadvantages … Read moreDec 05 – Strategic Recruitment and Selection

Nov 27 – All About Payroll and Withholding Taxes with CPE Credits

COURSE OUTLINE I.  The Withholding Tax System in the PhilippinesII.  Withholding AgentsIII. Payroll AccountingIV. Withholding Tax on CompensationV.  Substituted Filing of Income Tax Return Creditable / Expanded Withholding TaxVII. Final Withholding TaxVIII. Filing and Payment of Withholding TaxesIX. Definition of SAWT and MAPX. Modes of Submission of Alphalist of Employees and PayeesXI. Consequences When Alpha-List Does Not Conform with BIR FormatXII. Applicable Penalties for Non-Compliance SEMINAR INVESTMENTS … Read moreNov 27 – All About Payroll and Withholding Taxes with CPE Credits

Nov 22 – How to Comply with SSS – DOLE – ECC- Pagibig – Philhealth

COURSE OUTLINE I. DOLE DOCUMENTATIONS 1. Employment-Related Documents 2. Employment-Related Reports 3. Apprenticeship and Learnership 4. Wage Orders and Compliance Documents 5. Benefits Compliance and Reports II. SSS AND ECC DOCUMENTS 1. SSS Membership Form 2. Reports and Remittance 3. Complaints Related to Membership and Remittance 4. Accidents and Death Documents 5. Reports on Sickness … Read moreNov 22 – How to Comply with SSS – DOLE – ECC- Pagibig – Philhealth

Oct. 30 – Labor Law 101

Part One: Basic Principles 1. Fundamental Principles2. Employer- Employee Relationship3. Status of Employmenta. Regularb. Casualc. Projectd. Fixed Terme. Seasonal4. Job Contracting / Labor only Contracts Part Two: Wages and Benefits 1. Wage Formulation2. Wage Implementation3. Wage Restoration4. Benefitsa. Hours of workb. Leavesc. Special Benefits for Womend. Social Legislationse. Employees Compensation Part Three: Labor Relations 1. … Read moreOct. 30 – Labor Law 101

Oct. 24 – HR 101 and 201

COURSE OUTLINE HR 101: THE BASIC OF HR Module 1: HR Management in Perspective– Personnel Management– Human Resource Management– Human Capital Management– HR Roles of Line Managers Module 2: HR Goals and Objectives Module 3: Core Functions of HR– Recruitment and Selection– Training and Development– Compensation and Benefits– Employee Relations/Labor Relations Module 4: Challenges and … Read moreOct. 24 – HR 101 and 201